Friday 27 August 2010

Motivation Returns...

Well Chaps, been away for a while. Bereavement is an unknown quantity in every person....for me it manifested itself in exhaustion and lack of motivation but most importantly a deep desire to spend time with my children. I suppose all of these things are understandle having spent 18 months caring for my husband David. I have been extremely fortunate in that I was able to to the time out I needed. My sincere thanks go to Louise and team of family and friends at for taking care of everything whilst I did what I needed to. As a result I believe that my two boys have come through this trauma amazingly. Being open with them, although heart-wrenchingly difficult, was the best thing I did. The passing of their father was not a shock to them. Children need to been treated the same as adults in these circumstances and given the information and tools they need to cope. Whilst what and how you tell them things needs to be carefully considered, it must be done. Hence me and my boys are good. We have had our dark days and we miss David terribly but we are living our lives to the full...which is definitely what he would have wanted.

And so my motivation now appears to have returned! Finally! And what better time to get back into work full on than as the boys begin a new year at school? It just feels right. So I am warming up at the moment and will be back full time on 6th September. I am so looking forward to it. We have the Earls Court Baby Show coming up. This year we have two stands. In addition to the usual huddle & bliss stand we are our luxury hospital bag, The h&b 48 Hour Bag, the spotlight it deserves...a stand all of its own! I think it gets a little lost in amongst all the other beautiful baby clothes and products on the huddle and bliss an opportunity to set it apart. As popular as ever with celebrities and famous faces, we are only sad that we can't tell you all about them due to privacy issues! Many of these wonderul pre-packed hospital bags are bought by the dads-to-be. I would be ecstatic to receive one.

We have a couple of new people coming on board which is really exciting....particularly as one of them is a man!!! Oh dear, how will he cope with the team of confident working mums at huddle and bliss? I hope he has thick skin and a good sense of humour. He is a Dad of two with another on the way so will be giving us a good insight into the father's perspective. I hope he gets his wife a 48 hour bag!!!


Tuesday 24 August 2010

Making a Come Back....finally

Well my last post was in December when I said that I would be taking some time out with boys...and that is exactly what I have done. But I am back at work and raring to watch this space!