Tuesday 24 May 2011

Why are boats cool and caravans uncool?

I know you shouldn't generalise but I think it is fair to say that most regards boats as cool and caravans as a bit uncool. The Top Gear team have definitely done their bit to entrench this feeling amongst the British public! The interior accommodation of the average boat and average caravan are no doubt similar. They are both mobile and provide the freedom to visit an array of places. But a stark contrast between the two definitely exists. Boats are considered a luxury by most and caravans on the whole a cost-effective long-term holiday option, particularly for the retired. I was lucky enough to spend acouple of days on a boat last week. I think the part of the reason lies in the fact that you travel to your destination on a boat, whereas the caravan is towed behind. Whilst you can move your caravan where you like, you don't generally pull up somewhere for lunch in it.....with a boat you can moor alongside a pub or have lunch on deck, or even a bbq on the beach or riverbank.....car parks and lay-bys do not have the same appeal! Caravans are more of a base to explore the surrounding area, whereas you can just sit on deck and relax as you take in the sights on a boat....yes the weather needs to be good....but perhaps this in itself adds to the luxury factor. Sitting on deck with a drink in hand is for some reason infinitely more appealing than sitting on a deck chair in a field. Is the the glamour that is associated with marinas and the sailing/boating set? Perhaps it is because boats are regarded as a bit of a boys toy....whereas again....caravans don't really fall into that category! I think also a lot of us do for some reason have a bit of a fascination with water, albeit the sea or a river. Yes you can pitch your caravan on a cliff top and look out to sea, but it just isn't the same as actually being on the water. Well I have to say for me it would be a boat everytime....I wonder if Jeremy Clarkson likes boats? He has certainly put a few cars afloat so I guess he does.