Tuesday 29 March 2011

Yes, I admit it....I am a fidget bum!

I have always denied being a fidget....although when accused of being so...which is often...I become suddenly aware of the constant movements I make and do my utmost to suppress them. The result is a fixed stare, tense posture and probably some sort of contorted look on my face! With huddle & bliss at the recent Excel Baby Show I did an interview with iMama.tv. The lovely ladies there made me feel very at ease and I chatted away. Luckily the interview about our stunning 48 hour bag was used....however having now watched it myself I can confirm that I am a fidget bum.....oh put it down to nerves or whatever you like, but frankly I do not stop moving. I am glad that I manage to talk easily, highlight the beautiful contents and even comment confidently on starting your own business.....but oh I do not stop bloomin' movin'. Take a look for yourself (Click here). Suffice to say I have some public speaking lessons booked with a close friend Sarah who teaches drama...she will probably put me in a head vice and tie my arms behind my back!